Sarah Morwood


Sarah Morwood

What are your best achievements to date?

I’m not sure about  best, but proudest (or at least most surprising!) achievements to date definitely include coming in ahead of the men at Dorset and coming first in the classic quarter (because that race started really badly for me and I was considering DNF at around 10 miles…glad I didn’t!).  I’m also quite proud of my Ironman achievement even though it doesn’t come under ultra-running.  I guess I’m  still sort of proud of my SDW50 3rd place, because I’d hold the course record if I hadn’t got lost 2 miles from the finish and added a 5 mile detour as a result! My endurance life Dorset course record is also cool and overall, as I beat the male record too.  Oh and then there are the things I have won… Classic Quarter winner 2013 and female course record holder, Cotswold 100 2013 Winner, Endurancelife Dorset Ultra 2013 Overall Winner and Overall course record holder, V02 Jurassic Coast Challenge winner 2013, Centurion SDW 50 3rd after leading and getting lost adding 5 miles .  (We added that last bit as Sarah is so modest!)  Winner Thames Path 2014

What is on your Bucket list?

Sparthathlon mainly because of the historical context. Imagine following in the footsteps of Pheidippides!!  Then there is the UTMB because at the beginning of last year (2013) I thought that 7 points over 3 races was insane, but now I know that its actually a reality! Elbrus World Race, mainly because I’m learning Russian and would love to run an ultra over there.  I’ve also got a place in 2014 UTMB…

Who inspires me the most?

This may sound cheesy but it’s every other ultra runner! I’m also inspired by the event organisers and marshals who give up their time to allow us to do this.