Rick Keefe


Rick Keefe

Why do you run?

I enjoy the freedom, flexibility, challenges & camaraderie, also there is always something new to discover and take on.

What is you favourite Race to date?

The R.A.T. Plague 2013.  All the Mud Crew events have a fantastic atmosphere which is all encompassing no matter what your ability but this particular race was my first ever win.

Who inspires you?

Runners who encourage & support other runners, especially early on.  In my case, my sister Emily Cook, who leads me into all kinds of running trouble & Mick Chapman, who was my first club captain & I still do regular battle with in local races.

Do you have a bucket list of races?

Not really, I am a novice in ultra running and am discovering new events all the time.  Emily & I take turns in choosing the next bigger challenge, recently Emily mentioned the Dragons Back, uh oh!  I do rather fancy a crack at The Barkley Marathons though, oh and I would like to be part of a team in a multi day adventure race, oh! and, and, and, …….