Paul Maskell


Paul Maskell

Why do you run? And why ultra’s?

As a full time Paramedic Officer running gives you that sense of freedom. It also gives you that time to reflect on some of the challenging incidents that you attend. More importantly though fits around 12 hour shift work as you run any time of day or night.

In 2012 after a hanging my football boots following a big injury, my wife signed me up to a half marathon. Unfortunately for me I was on a night shift before the start. However despite the lack of sleep I did reasonably well and thought “I quite enjoy this running lark”. I began running shorter distance races mainly 5km and 10 km and fairly quickly found I loved the longer distances and moved on to marathons.

In 2014 my family and I moved back to Cornwall and I discovered running hills and the coast path. I did a run one evening on the coast with the legends Duncan Oakes, Phil Montgomery-Smith and Pat Munn. All this talk of running 100 mile ultras, I thought they were mad (running further than 26.2 miles –crazy) but in the end curiosity got the better of me. So in 2016 I decide to have a go at an Ultra (AOA 2016). Although I completed it injured and was broken at the finish line, I absolutely loved it! And that was it the ultra-bug had got me!!

And your best race results to date?

Winner GUCR in 2018. Joint 1st Place Arc of Attrition 2017 and new course record, PB London Marathon and 3rd consecutive championship time 2017, Winner Classic quarter 2017, 2nd Place North Down Way 2017, Winner Autumn 100 2017, 2nd Place Arc of Attrition 2018.

Bucket list for next few years?

UTMB, GUCR, Transvulcania, a 24HR track race,  SDW100,  ? Tors Des Geants.  There is loads more I would like to complete but as Paramedic and a Station Officer I don’t get many weekends off…..