Laura Swanton


Laura Swanton

Tell us about you

I am a mum of 3.  I recently re-trained as a radiographer and am currently doing a post graduate degree in mammography which, although it is hard work fitting it all in with children and running, I am loving it.

Why do you run

I started running shortly after having my second child as a way to lose the baby weight.  It became so much more.  For me it is my me time, it is a time I reflect on the day, gather my thoughts, plan and contemplate life in general.  It is my stress relief and what keeps me balanced.  I feel so good when I run, it makes me the best version of me!

Why ultras

For years, I concentrated on half marathons until I gained a championship entry to the London Marathon which is something I had always wanted to do but I got fed up with road and constantly thinking about times.  I started, ultra running last year in 2017 after meeting my boyfriend who was running his first Arc.  It totally inspired me to challenge myself more.  After completing my first trail race, the Exe to Axe and coming 3rd female I decided this is far more me and the running I want to do.  Trail running has now become a real passion – I love the feeling of freedom, not clock watching, I’ve seen so much more of the beautiful place we live for discovering this.  I signed up to the Jurassic Coast 100k and my passion for ultra running grew further.  I then signed up to my first 100 miler The North Downs Way and absolutely love the challenge of these events.  Going through every bit of pain magnifies the incredible feeling of crossing that finish line – there is simply no feeling like it.

Best results to date

  • Jurassic Coast 100k – 1st female, 3rd overall
  • North Downs Way 100 miler – 3rd female
  • Exmouth Trail Events Ultra – 2nd female
  • Wendover Woods 50 miler – 4th female
  • CTS South Devon Ultra – 1st female, 50 seconds from the course record!
  • Thames Path 100 miler – 2nd female

Most memorable

Completing my first 100 miler and getting to 99 miles and being told I was in podium position

One week after my first ultra, the Jurassic Coast 100k completing the Women Can marathon – just seeing how my legs would cope and managing to finish 3rd female

Most recently TP100 managing a sub 20 hours 100 miler and being 2nd female in a really strong field of female runners, such an incredible feeling running that race

Bucket list

  • Western States
  • The Arc of Attrition (which i am doing next year!)
  • Lakeland 100
  • UTMB
  • So many – too many to mention – I could go on and on!

Who inspires you

  • Paula Radcliffe was the first elite runner who made me think about getting out there and giving it a go – she is amazing
  • Nicky Spinks is simply incredible – such a strong, humble and absolutely brilliant ultra runner
  • All the people who enter these races – the time and effort we put in to train just to be at the start line and then to get to the finish line – anyone who gets out there and gives it a go is an inspiration to me

Races coming up

I am doing the Centurion 100 mile Grand Slam this year – so the TP100 was the first next is SDW100 then NDW100 and A100.  Possibly The Plague depending on how my legs are one week after the NDW100 – I entered The Plague before thinking I would do the Grand Slam, so we shall see! The Arc of Attrition next year and The Devon Coast to Coast next year. Not sure what else yet.