Bring Out Your Dead 24


The Bring Out Your Dead 24.

An extreme event from MudCrew covering just shy of 5 miles of the Cornish coastpath. Not just any 5 miles, the final stretch of The RAT route –  350metres elevation and yes, the steps – 500+ ! How far can you cover in 24 hours?

“Bring out your dead, bring out your dead” the exclamation used during the outbreak of The Plague to let people know the death cart was passing by. If a member of a household had succumbed they would simply be thrown on the top of the pile!

Not everyone survived The Plague. Pustules, pestilence and pain were common place. Suffering was endured on a daily basis. The stench was unbearable.

Come and join us on one of the toughest sections of our coastpath. Test yourself and see what distance you can cover. We will support you, we will even offer you sanctuary, but we won’t make it easy. You’ll need to survive for 24hours to avoid the death cart and the cry “Bring Out Your Dead”.

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Bring Out Your Dead 24

Friday 15th July 2022 19:00 Porthpean Outdoor Centre, Cornwall, UK, PL26 6AZ 1st Jan 22 - 12th Jun 22