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MudCrew presents : The Quest

The Quest : 10mile, 40mile & 24hour Spring Coastpath Trail.

King Arthur’s home was at a place called Tintagel. Here he built a castle, an impenetrable fortress, overlooking the ocean, on the most dramatic of coast lines.

Arthur’s brave knights carried out acts of chivalry, rescuing damsels in distress and fighting against strange beasts and they met at his round table. Under the guidance of his sorcerer Merlin, Arthur obtained “Excalibur” a magical sword from The Lady Of The Lake and with this weapon he vanquished many foes. They searched for lost treasures, such as the Holy Grail which they believed would bring them eternal life.

Did Arthur ever find the Grail? Either way, the legend comes alive with MudCrew’s The Quest. A weekend coast path running festival covering some of the most spectacular and challenging coast path Cornwall has to offer. You have a choice of events :

  • Quest Castle to Castle 10mile – a great introduction to coast path running.
  • Quest 40 – 40 mile ultra marathon – compete solo or as a relay pair.
  • Quest 24 – 24 hour endurance event.

Whichever you choose, it’ll be an epic journey as you retrace Arthur’s footsteps and seek the relics from the legend before returning them to King Arthur’s spectacular ancestral home at Tintagel Castle and complete….The Quest.

The Quest by MudCrew. Run in King Arthur’s Footsteps !

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The Quest

May 2018 6pm, 9am, 12noon Tintagel Castle, Cornwall, UK, PL34 0HE 1st Aug 17 to

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