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MudCrew Presents : The “Tribute” Man V Gig

The Man V Gig : Summer 8mile Coast Race Against a Cornish Gig

The “Tribute” Man V Gig. The Cornish gig. One of the first shore based lifeboats with recorded rescues going back to the 17th century. Originally built to take pilots out to incoming vessels in the Atlantic. The stronger and faster the crew who could save stricken boats, the better the pay. This is where gig racing is thought to stem from.

Today, there are hundreds of gigs, across the world, based on the “Treffry”, built in 1838 and still used by Newquay rowing club.

Many of us are familiar with the fierce competition between rowing clubs, to see which crew will be victorious.

Here at MudCrew would like to present a twist to this competition. We are sure this is what you have come to expect from us!

So, for our latest venture, lets us introduce to you: The Man V Gig

A first in terms of what this country has to offer to see how we fair as a race, the human race that is!

An 8 mile, out and back, coast path run. Sounds easy doesn’t it? However, as the claxon sounds, to mark the start of your run, your competition will not only be those fellow runners around you. At sea will be Charlestown’s lead Gig, crewed by their finest, will also cross a start line of its own. They will row at full pelt, past Carlyon Beach to a turn around point off Par beach.
Quite simply, who is best? Man or Gig?
Have you got what it takes to beat the lead gig in this first race of its kind?

The Man V Gig by Mudcrew. Runner or Rower : who will emerge victorious ?

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The Man V Gig

July 2018 7.00 pm Charlestown Harbour, PL25 3NJ, Cornwall, UK 1st Dec 17 - 7th Jul 17